Our Activities

The Firm’s activity is focused on supporting administrative management within the framework of funding programmes, especially in the fields of research, training, international cooperation and culture.
Hereunder is a synthetic description of the Firm’s activities:


Consulting services apply to the following aspects of administrative management within research projects:

• Contractual consulting concerning the Grant Agreement and the contracts connected thereto (contracts between partners, contracts with collaborators and employees, contracts with subcontractors and other suppliers);

• Reporting;

• Controlling management and analytical accounting applied to the presentation of financial statements;

• fiscal aspects;

• aspects related to accounting and to labour law.

In the framework of consulting services, the following main activities are performed:

• On line and face-to-face consulting at the clients’ central administration offices and, on request, at the clients’ operational headquarters;

• Studies, in-depth analyses and support for the drafting of regulations: the Firm provides consulting services for the drafting of explanatory documents and regulations needed for a better management of EU projects; besides, the Firm produces studies and in-depth analyses on the administrative management of EU projects;

• Technical representation. Furthermore, the Firm provides, at the request of customers, assistance services and technical representation at the MIUR, CRUIS, the European Commission and other EU institutions involved in the management of EU Programmes.

The Firm collaborates in devising training courses for its customers’ staff. The Firm endeavours to coordinate and integrate such training activity with the consulting services provided, so as to promote the universities’ staff professional development.

The EU financial regulation (mainly the Council Regulation No. 1605/2002 and the Commission Regulation No. 2342/2002) and the EU Programmes’ legal basis require the cost statements to be certified by qualified entities in accordance with Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 17th May 2006. The Firm, in the person of its associates Roberto Di Gioacchino and Roberto Cippitani, as Accountants and Statutory Auditors, has all the qualifications needed to release certifications of financial statements, as required by the legal basis of EU funding programmes. In addition to the above-mentioned certification activity, the Firm can carry out activities of internal verification. This can prove necessary in case of dispute with the European Commission or with project partners, or to allow monitoring of peripheral operational bodies by central administrations (internal audit).

The Firm provides on a regular basis training courses related to the administrative management of funding programmes in the field of research, training, international cooperation and culture. The full list of training opportunities delivered for our clients’ staff is available here:

The Firm collaborates in the organisation of large conferences, tackling a variety of issues connected to EU and international project management. The full list of previous conferences and events, together with the agenda of future events, is available at the following link: